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1, to help kitchen: (1)
Requirements: Open, 25-38-year-old sex, love clean, talk health, there are more than 1 year working experience in factory work done to help cook or kitchen preferred.
2, milling: (a)
Requirements: male ,20-35 years old, specialist milling more than 2 years work experience, able to look at pictures, knowledge map, have the independent completion of complex parts (slant, slant-hole geometry, etc.) or in model embryos plane milling industry for more than a year work experience, higher consciousness and obedience work.
3, CNC Operator: (over)
Asked :20-35-year-old, motivated, there are more than 3 years experience in plastic mold embryo CNC machining, knowledge of Frank, Siemens, 3 Ling system, Figure work independently, proficiency in the use of macro programs are a priority!
4, grinder: (a)
Requirements: male, 20-35, a mold embryo, mold industry operating experience, the water mill for two years, hard working, obedient, good working attitude.
5, Electrical: (1)
Requirements: male, 25-35-year-old, responsible, subject to work with one year relevant work experience.
6, foreign trade clerk: (1)
Requirements: Gender not limited to, 20-28, English 6, oral stronger, have more than 1 year relevant working experience in mold factory foreign trade.
7, CNC programmers: (1)
Requirements: male ,22-35 years old, secondary education, skilled use of amscaml / UG and other software, there are two or more years experience programming model embryo plant, subject to working arrangements, work carefully, steady.
8, QC: (2 persons)
Requirements: male ,20-30 years old, more than two years experience in plastic mold embryo quality inspection, will use a variety of measuring tools, such as high regulatory micrometer in diameter, inside diameter table, to understand the structure of plastic mold embryo.
9, assemblers (1)
Requirements: male ,20-30 years old, plastic mold assembly for more than two years experience, familiar with the assembly of non-standard mode embryo, eat-working.
10, Assistant General Manager: (1)
Requirements: female ,20-28 years old, college education, the image correct, English 6, there is good writing skills, two years relevant work experience.
11, the network administrator: (1)
Requirements: Male, 22 years old, are familiar with network management, with more than 2 years relevant work experience.
12, draftsman: (1)
Requirements: male ,20-30 years old, are familiar with 2D, 3D, POE, 3 years relevant working experience, familiar with the model embryo plant engineering drawings.

More posts by interview after the hiring of qualified, preferred treatment, hope to come to the general job interview!
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